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Garage Door Repair DIY

Repair of a garage door can be carried out by a repair company, an expert overhead door installer or you can do it on your own. The garage door has two parts, the garage door and its opener. These parts can be repaired easily with enough patience, effort and time. If you intend to fix your garage door, make sure that you keep in mind safety precautions. It is best to repair your door during the day.

The first thing you need to do before carrying out the repair is to do some simple tests. If the garage door produces a grinding noise and you are having difficulties in opening it, then the problem is the actual door. If the garage door is functioning well, but the opener is not working, then the problem probably lies on the door opener. Carefully evaluate the garage door and take note of the possible problems.

Things To Do During Garage door repair

garage door repair diySpring tension moves an overhead garage door. The door rolls on the metal tracks which is attached to the walls of the garage. To produce the power needed to open the door it has a heavy spring.

Inspecting the metal tracks is the first step you need to do with garage door repair. If you have a problem with the brackets that secure the track to the wall, tighten it as it becomes loose over time. Close the door when carrying out an inspection. Check the tracks for any dents, breaks or other damages. If you discover any issues, remove that part of the metal track and then use a rubber hammer to make it flat.

Make use of the carpenter’s level to ensure that the metal tracks are properly aligned. The horizontal tracks should slant downwards, and the vertical tracks should be straight. The two tracks should be aligned properly to each other. If you notice that there is a problem, do not remove the bolts or screws completely, just loosen it and then make the necessary adjustments.

Cleaning and Lubricating the Tracks and Rollers

Sometimes garage door repair is not necessary, some cleaning and lubrication can solve the problem. Tracks and rollers should be cleaned and lubricated regularly to make sure that it will operate smoothly. If it does not work the way it was before, maybe it needs some tightening or replacement. Since the fasteners can become loose over time, it requires proper maintenance to keep the parts in the right alignment. Check the springs with care to make sure that it is free from breakage and wear.

If you have a programmed door opener, and it requires some garage door repair, check the hardware first. If you cannot find any problem with the hardware, the next thing you can do is to check on the angle of the garage door opener and make sure that it is at the right angle so it will operate at its best. When needed make the necessary adjustment to have a clear signal path. Inspect the power cord to make sure that it is not damaged by mice or is not frayed.

garage door sensors works

Working of Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors operate to open or shut the doors of a garage or may be any place of such importance. There has been strictness in the rules so as to make it mandatory for the companies manufacturing garage it to install safety devices along with it in order to prevent accidents. But the main question which will also help us in troubleshooting its operation is that how exactly does garage door sensors work?

How garage door sensors work

garage door sensors

Garage door sensors generally work on the basis of photo eyes. This is basically a technique which is based on the strategy that anything coming in the line of the closing door will be treated as an obstructing agent and will hence lead to the operating of the sensors which prevents it from closing that may generally be due to the breaking of the circuit contact due to any obstacle and hence the sensor stops to send the message to close the door.

Garage door sensors may work due to the:

  • Wired connections employed for the building, or it may be due to the
  • Remote control which is used to control door motion.The door sensors which use remote access have few advantages along with some loop holes in it. Again this is also the case for wired connections.

Features of Wires type:

  • These are a bit bulky as compared to remote ones
  • They are portability problem
  • They have lower costs
  • They are easy to repair as compared to remote ones

Features of Remote type:

  • They can be easily ported
  • They have a bit higher cost
  • They are not as bulky as wired ones
  • They are not so easy to repair and involves higher maintenance costs

how garage sensor works

Hence, we find that both the types of sensors have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, nowadays, generally garage door sensors are made which employ both the types of features, i.e., remote and wired ones. This is done to avail the benefits of both the types of sensors.

What modern garage door sensors add

As already explained that the modern door sensors employ both the features of remote and wired type. Apart from these, they employ an infrared radio signals. The remote control assists to operate the motor attached with the door to start its motion. The infrared beams connect the photo eyes. When any obstacle comes in its path then the infrared beam ceases to make the contacts of the two photo eyes.

When this occurs, the operation reverses itself, i.e., if the door was originally closing, then due to the obstacle it will reverse its operation and it will start to open. If required to go into the technicalities of this then we can say that there may be generally an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) employed in this which may be motorized to change the direction of the motion on the occurrence of any obstacle in its path.

When the remote button is pressed, the infrared signal activates the electric motor to make way for the track and pulley system to open or close the door. The sensors are generally placed on either side of the door and may provide signals when any malfunctioning arises. Thus the modern sensors are complete package to assist the garage door motion.

top 10 garage doors

A list of the 10 Top Brands for Garage Door Openers

top brands garage doorsThere are days when you grant yourself another five minutes to sleep in to have a great start to the day. Before you know it, you realize that the power nap has extended to almost an hour. And right when you are ready to head out to work, the garage door isn’t budging just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse. In order to avoid such scenarios, you need to get one of the 10 top brands for garage door openers. This post talks about the best garage openers on the market.

1. Sommer Direct Drive Opener

This product is on the 10 top brands for garage door openers list because it operates in silence, unlike most door openers. It is expensive when compared to the other options available even then is one among the best. However, you need to take into consideration that this product does not have a back entry system which is a limitation.

Selling point: Reliable

2. Chamberlin Whisper Drive – WD962KEV

For those of you who are on a tight budget then this one is for you. This product is available at a reasonable price and the strength of the HP 1/2 motor is great. The kit that comes along with the product is decent. Additionally, it does not create any noise.

Selling point: Budget-friendly

3. Direct Drive 1024V001 3/4 HP

Sometimes, all that you wish for is to get a product which will run into trouble within a few months. This product is an excellent product for people who don’t want to feel disappointed again. It is sturdy, durable, as well as quiet. It is low maintenance.

Selling point: Durable

4. Liftmaster 3585 Elite Series

This product enables the garage door to open quick with ease. Another plus point is that it doesn’t make noise. This product is available with a five-year warranty as well. Note that the horsepower is average.

Selling point: Good warranty

5. Chamberlain Power Drive 1/2-HP Door Opener-PD 210D

top 10 garage doors
This is a heavy duty product that makes it easy to open even very heavy doors and silent at the same time, which is a great combination. This product includes two sensors, a control panel, and a remote. The inbuilt Protector System is a very helpful feature as well. That’s why it is on the 10 top brands for garage door openers list.

Selling point: Security feature

6. Decko 24300 3/4

If you are in search of a system that you can rely on, then this product will be a good fit. This is because it is easy to set up and pre-wired safety light sensors are an added bonus. The chain-driver is quite good and won’t give you much trouble. However, the best thing about this product is that it might not have many jazzy features but it gets the job done and it is affordable.

Selling point: budget-friendly

7. Genie 2562 TC Garage Opener – PowerLift 900

It is a great product produced by Genie as it is easy to install and comes with a warranty period of 15 years. This is exactly why this product is on the 10 top brands for garage door openers. It comes with a remote that has three buttons.

Selling point: Warranty period

8. Chamberlain PD762EV

The security features extended by this product is excellent as it uses patented security technology over multi-frequency transmitters. It is easy to install and sensors two ways, which helps prevents accidents. Also, this product is durable and give you value for money.

Selling point: Security features

9. Chamberlain WD962KEV

The main selling point of this product is that it extends some really amazing features, like the timer to close feature and the automated force sensing system, which are often offered by more heavytop 10 garage door openers duty garage door openers. So, it will be safe to say that the latest technology has been used in this product and you need to check if this product is compatible with your existing Chamberlain accessories.

Selling point: Latest technology

10. Genie 1022-2TX

If you want to use a garage door opener which is quiet then you should consider getting this one. Even though it has a chain drive it is very quiet. It might be a little slow as the range is limited. It can be counted upon as one of the best products on the market since it is low maintenance.

Selling point: Silent

Now, that you have an idea about the 10 top brands of garage door openers you will be able to take an informed decision when you buy one. Remember to create a checklist of the things that you want from this product and compare it against this post.

security video camera

5 Ways to Improve Your Home Safety And Security

More than 2.1 million burglaries were reported in the United States in 2012. Somewhere in the U.S. Every 15 seconds someone gets a victim of burglary. It usually strikes when nobody is at home and when it’s least expected.

home safetyYou want to protect your home and the people and things within it, but before you make a big purchase on a security system, take a good look around your home. There are several ways to make your home less attractive to thieves.

5 Ways To Improve Your Home Safety And Security are as listed

  1. Lock doors and windows


That sounds obvious, but while every front, side or back door comes with a standard lock, there are easy and cheap ways to update your door locking system. Make sure you also get double locks. Also when moving into a new home, be sure to change all the locks.


  1. Window and door shades


Install window and door shades that make it difficult to see if someone is home and preventing to see what valuables you have inside. Consider treatments that offer some light filtration so that by day, interiors benefit from natural daylight, and by night, the house looks occupied.


  1. Leave the lights, TV, and stereo on


When you go out, leave the light, TV and stereo on. It will prevent the thief from breaking in and assuming someone is home. A well-lit home is much less likely to be broken into and adding lights makes it easier to see, and improves the possibility that a thief will be seen by you or your neighbors.


  1. Get an alarm system

Although not one of the cheapest methods to secure your home, getting a home alarm system installed at your property is one of the best way to prevent burglaries and is cost effective for the duration of your time at the property so far in the home ground or home compound. Seeing that a home has an alarm system often prevents an intruder from even attempting a burglary that may cause looses.


  1. Get a dog

Consider adding a dog to your family. Dogs are good deterrents to burglars. Even a small, noisy dog can be effective and scare potential thief from breaking in so far.



As you can see, there are easy ways to secure your home without having to spent a lot of money on an expensive security systems so far.


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Different Types of Garage Doors

Different Types of Garage Doors

There are four basic types of garage doors you can choose from.

types of garage doors-A swing up style, which are old models that simply raise straight up and consist of single panels that are on a ceiling mounted track. These models have the disadvantage of needing several feet clear in front of the door opening. A vehicle can’t pull directly up to the door and still be able to open.

-A swing out style, are referred to as carriage house doors. These are great statement type doors, that give a garage lots of character. They consist of one or two doors which open to the outside with two separate doors, on a hinge like a normal door.

-A roll style, is the most common design. These are considered over head garage doors. These types of doors generally come in separate sections so that they can be easily moved on the track. The advantage to these doors, as opposed to the swing up model, are that they do not need extra room in front of the opening. Vehicles can pull directly up to the door opening and still be functional.

-A slide to side style, are usually on tracks as well. They stay vertical and can slide into the wall or other open area, for extra space in and above the garage. These are the best option to optimize the space available in and around your driveway and garage opening.

Garage doors can be made of many different types of material.

-Wood, which offers character and style to a garage, is a traditional option. It does have the chance of rotting over time, but can be treated.
-Steel, which is the best choice and most common material. It is also low maintenance, and is usually inexpensive
-Aluminum is another inexpensive type of door and is also rust proof
-Vinyl is a popular material as well. It can be dent resistant.

Insulated doors are also an option if you plan to heat the garage or wish to have a more finished look on the interior side. Sectional garage doors offer the most variety in style and are usually more durable and weather tight.

Swing up style doors can be more expensive because they are the oldest style, but have a clean appearance and require the least maintenance.

Swing up doors are best for large openings, but can be costly and require lots of maintenance over time. These doors also have the most amount of parts that might need to be replaced over time. All types can be purchased in smooth or paneled finishes.

They can also feature clear, frosted or tinted glass windows and can be painted a variety of colors. Overhead garage doors can be manually opened and closed per a chain or track system but can also be automatically operated.

There are many different options from type of door, to color and design to choose from when deciding on garage doors. It’s good to be aware of the options and know what would work best in the space you have available, and what would work best for your garage needs.

Electrical Plug Discharge



Electrical Plug DischargeWe get to use many electrical appliances in our homes.These range from kitchen ware,air conditioning systems,lighting,electronics among others.The main risk coming with all these is the high voltage which would lead to electrocution and fire when a spark is produced.Other risks coming with home electrical appliances are burns especially when using heaters and injuries when using sharp appliances like energized cutters.Here are tips on how to identify and handle these problems.

1.Voltage surge

Occurs when there is variation in voltage received from the mains supply.Can be detected by flickering of lights.This risks damaging the electronics in the house because of intermittent heating and cooling.To handle this,one needs to have a surge protector fitted on the plug-ins of the electronics to even out the variations.

2.Current overload

When using many appliances in your house,a lot of current gets withdrawn than the rated wattage for the line.The problem associated with this is the overheating of the lines because of increased load.To remedy this,protective devices are fitted on the on the consumer interface box and on the plug-ins.These can be circuit breakers and fuses.They help protect the appliances and the electrical circuitry from damage.However,a fuse will burn off,to break the circuit unlike the circuit breaker which only needs turning the switch back on.Therefore when a socket plug-in fails,checking the status of the fuse is always advisable.

3.Loose connection

This problem mainly occurs with aging circuitry.However recently installed circuitry can also have the problem especially when right connectors are not used.Can be detected by some lighting or socket outlet not working while others are on.To handle this,ensure the the electrician uses the right connectors and carry out regular maintenance on aging electrical wiring.

4.’Naked’ wiring

Energized electrical lines should always carry an insulation with them and possibly be run in conduits on walls.Other areas where non-insulated wiring occurs is where the lines are terminating especially on socket outlets.This brings the problem of electrocution to those working nearby or children playing when these installations are close to ground level.To handle this problem,get the electrician terminate the connections properly.

5.Electrical fires

Electrical faults like non-insulated wiring have potential of producing sparks.These sparks will need a nearby fuel which can be papers,clothes,or flammable liquids to give a fire which would eventually burn the house.To handle this problem,have the power lines properly terminated and well insulated.Having a fire extinguisher in handy is always advisable.

Other useful tips:

Select appliances with right wattage to match the power rating in your house and balance other power needs.This will also help you to cut costs on power bills.
A longer warranty is always advisable when buying these appliances.
As a safety measure, keep potentially hot appliances raised above the floor level from the reach of children which could lead to burns.
Additionally ensure there is a good access to circuit breaker and fire extinguisher stations to fasten response in case of emergency.